UK: Gambling Advert Ban Comes Into Effect

UK: Gambling Advert Ban Comes Into Effect

The Uk gambling adverts ban has come into effect and from now on wards no gambling adverts will be shown during live sport televised before 9 pm.

The gambling advert ban comes as the English cricket team takes on Australia in the Ashes cricket series.
The blanket ban on gambling adverts before 9 pm during all televised sports except horse racing was voluntarily announced by UK gambling industry stakeholders last year.

The move is expected to mitigate the risk that gambling adverts bring upon the most vulnerable including children.
It should be noted that gambling addiction amongst teenagers has increased sharply in the UK. A recent study found that there has been a 400 percent increase in the past two years in the number of children and teenagers who are at risk of problem gambling.

As per the new restrictions on gambling advertisements, no gambling adverts would be aired during a live televised sports before the 9 pm watershed for a “whistle to whistle” period beginning five minutes before the start of a match and ending five minutes after. The only exception would be horse and greyhound racing.

Speaking when the ban was announced, former culture minister Jeremy Wright said: “It is vital children and vulnerable people are protected from the threat of gambling-related harm. Companies must be socially responsible.”

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