Cambodian Court Charges Seven Chinese Over Illegal Online Gambling

Cambodian Court Charges Seven Chinese Over Illegal Online Gambling

Seven Chinese nationals have been charged over illegal online gambling in Cambodia. Siem Reap Provincial court charged the Chinese on Saturday for allegedly operating an illegal online gambling ring in the province.

Deputy prosecutor Ream Channy confirmed that the seven of them were charged with “operating illegal gambling” under Article 5 of the Law on Suppression of Gambling. According to the current legal provisions, the accused can face up to five years in jail if convicted.

The seven were arrested earlier on Thursday last week in a raid on an apartment from where the Chinese nationals had been operating illegal gambling operations in Cambodia.

Brigadier General Chea Kimsan, chief of the provincial immigration police department, said that police had observed that many foreign tourists, especially Chinese nationals, frequented the apartment daily from morning until midnight. This aroused suspicion amongst the officers which lead to the raid and arrests.

“They were arrested while they were running online games inside,” said Brig Kisman. “After the raid and their arrests, police seized five laptops, 15 phones, three Wi-Fi modems, seven passports and other related materials from them.”

Earlier in June, a seven-storey under construction casino building collapsed in Cambodia’s casino town of Sihanoukville, killing 28 people. The collapsed building was a Chines-owned site.

Moreover, in June itself, 12 Chinese men were arrested in Poipet town in Cambodia over charges of kidnapping three people after they failed to pay gambling loans. Those kidnapped were also from China.

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