Finland’s Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus Pulls Radio Adverts

Finland’s Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus Pulls Radio Adverts

Facing public outcry over their radio gambling advert the Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus temporarily pulled some of its radio adverts.

The public outcry was over the message the gambling adverts carried. The company’s chief executive Olli Sarekoski said that the advertising material would be removed from circulation this week until the end of September. The gambling adverts that have been pulled were specifically designed to run during this year’s “royal races.”

In his statement CEO Sarekoski said: “There is no reason to deny the facts. We have made mistakes. Some of our ads have not complied with the company’s agreed marketing principles. We take responsibility for them and we are very sorry for the distress we have caused and intend to learn from our mistakes.”

He also assured that the gambling monopoly is already looking into its marketing processes.

Earlier this year in April, the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare alerted that gambling advertising in the country is not as per the guidelines in place and put public health at risk.

Health experts in Finland had asserted that the gambling monopoly should restrict and restructure its gambling advertising campaigns and policies.

Veikkaus spends over 50 million Euros each year on advertising gambling products. The voices seeking a review of the state monopoly’s gambling advertisement budget is also getting stronger as many agree that the money spent on such ads do nothing to make people aware of the gambling harms.

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