Eight Charged With Stealing $5M From Tribal Casino In Florida

Eight Charged With Stealing $5M From Tribal Casino In Florida

Eight people have been charged with stealing over $5 million from a native American Casino in Florida. The five accused were regularly stealing money from the casino between January 2011 and May 2015.

The federal prosecutors in Miami have confirmed through a news release on Wednesday that the group tampered with gambling machines at the casino run by the Miccosukee tribe to generate credit vouchers. The same credit vouchers would then be en-cashed.

The prosecutors also revealed that the group involved in the theft used the money to make real estate investments, purchase vehicles, and even children’s prepaid college funds.

In their statement, the prosecutors revealed that β€œThe 63-count indictment charges the eight defendants with computer fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and making false statements to law enforcement. Four are former employees of the casino.”

Earlier this year, in June, Florida was planning to introduce mandatory warnings on lottery tickets. However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed the printing of warnings on Florida Lottery tickets.

Gov. De Santis said that his decision to veto is motivated by the fact that such warnings would negatively impact the revenue from the lottery and which in turn would dampen funds for social purposes.

Commercial gambling and casino remains illegal in Florida.

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