Study Shows “When the fun stops” Slogan To Promote Safer Gambling Is Ineffective

Study Shows "When the fun stops" Slogan To Promote Safer Gambling Is Ineffective

A study conducted by the University of Warwick reveals that the gambling industry’s, “When the fun stops, stop” slogan is not effective enough to make any significant impact on gambling behavior.

The social experiment involved questioning 506 Premier League football fans with a history of sports betting, to wager after viewing a series of adverts.

While certain ads had the message – “When the fun stops,” the others did not and it was found that those who were exposed to the message bet more often than those who were not.

The study concludes that this safer gambling message is rather ineffective.

Chair of the Senet Group, Gillian Wilmot, commented that the campaign and slogan have “generated substantial awareness of the link between negative emotional states and problem gambling, giving young men an accessible phrase to challenge each other’s behavior in a way that has now passed into popular culture.

“Discouraging all betting was never its purpose.” She added. “Instead it aims to get gamblers to pause and reflect, in much the same way as the Bet Regret messaging.”

Gambling addiction has been on the rise in the UK. A recent study found that the number of children facing compulsive gambling issues has risen by 400 percent in the past two years.

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