China Hints Crackdown On Illegal Cross-Border Gambling

China Hints Crackdown On Illegal Cross-Border Gambling

China has said that they will crackdown on illegal cross-border gambling and alleged that the Chinese nationals working in the Philippine offshore gaming industry are recruited illegally.

On Thursday, earlier this week, Issuing a statement the Chinese embassy in the Philippines said: β€œThe Ministry of Public Security of China has taken many actions and will carry out more special operations aimed at preventing and combating cross-border gambling.”

While gambling remains illegal in mainland China it is permitted only in Chinese-controlled territory Macau. As such Chinese gamblers have to visit overseas or Macau. The POGO sector in the Philippines which facilitates online gambling for overseas players relies heavily on Chinese customers.

The statement from the Chinese embassy came after Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corp. revealed plans to restrict POGO companies to specially created hubs which it said will be β€œself-contained.”

The Chinese embassy also said that Chinese citizens must follow and regard the local laws and China prevents its citizens from participating in gambling activities overseas.

It also reiterated that according to Chinese laws, Chinese companies or individuals can be prosecuted if they are engaged in illegal activities overseas.

β€œThe casinos and offshore gaming operators (POGOs) and other forms of gambling entities in the Philippines target Chinese citizens as their primary customers,” the embassy said.

β€œA large number of Chinese citizens have been illegally recruited and hired in the Philippine gambling industry,” it added.

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