2025 Deadline For Osaka Casino Resort Tough: Jim Murren, CEO MGM

2025 Deadline For Osaka Casino Resort Tough: Jim Murren, CEO MGM

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International has said that the deadline for the Osaka Casino Resort is challenging but it is very much manageable.

Jim spoke of the company’s plans for the Osaka Casino in a recent interview with the Japan Times. He spoke in depth about how their company is strategically planning to win the casino resort license in Osaka.

In his interview, Murren said that he has no “doubts about the abilities of the architects we have on board, or those of the city planners and general contractors.” He also emphasized the real challenge “will be getting through the permit process.”

MGM has already applied and submitted its proposal for a casino resort in the Osaka prefecture.

Earlier this year in May, when Osaka released its schedule for the RFP process, Murren said that MGM is planning to invest $9 billion in the Japanese casino resort.

MGM has also said that their casino project will generate employment to the tune of 15,000 jobs. They will also channel the investment through at least 10 local companies.

Earlier this week, a Japan Casino Administration Committee was announced which would be responsible for monitoring the licensing process and the regulations of the country’s gambling industry.

According to analysts and experts, the Japanese casino industry will be the third-largest in the world only after Macau and Nevada.
According to a recent report from Sanford Bernstein, the Japanese casino market will generate $8 billion in gross gaming revenues annually. As such, it would be smaller than the Nevada casino market which grossed about $11 billion in revenue in 2018.

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