Finland: NGOs Call For Bringing Health Experts To The Board Of The Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus

Finland: NGO’s Call For Bringing Health Experts To The Board Of The Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus

Non-Profit organizations campaigning against gambling addiction in Finland have urged the government to appoint health experts to the board of the state-owned gambling monopoly Veikkaus.

The organizations which have been actively pursuing the cause of limiting the spread of gambling addiction have been complaining that the gambling monopoly is not doing enough to promote responsible gambling. As such, some NGOs have called for bringing health experts to the board of Veikkaus.

Recently, amidst a massive outcry, Veikkaus had to pull its gambling advert which was to be aired on radio. Talking to the local media, Juha Mikkonen, the Executive Director of the Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention (Ehyt) said that “it would be preferable for the Veikkaus board, management and administrative bodies to also have expertise in preventing harmful gambling.”

Recently, Veikkaus completed the first phase of its ongoing transformation program.

Earlier this year in April, National Institute for Health and Welfare alerted that gambling advertising in the country is not as per the guidelines in place and put public health at risk.

Health experts in Finland have been raising concerns and demanding that the gambling monopoly should restrict and restructure its gambling advertising campaigns and policies.

Veikkaus spends over 50 million Euros each year on advertising gambling products. The voices seeking a review of the state monopoly’s gambling advertisement budget is also getting stronger as many agree that the money spent on such ads do nothing to make people aware of the hazards of gambling.

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