Turkish Police Raid A Chess Club Operating As An Illegal Gambling Den

Turkish Police Raid A Chess Club Operating As An Illegal Gambling Den

In yet another crackdown on illegal gambling in the country, Turkish police conducted a raid on a Chess club where illegal gambling operations were taking place.

The Chess club was facilitating gambling in Turkey’s central province of Eskişehir. Running by the name of Chess and Checkers Lovers’ the club was a hub for local gamblers.

According to the local media reports, following the raids the police arrested the head of the Chess Association and other 85 people associated with it. The police also confiscated a bingo machine and a fleet of other gambling equipment from the venue.

Those arrested were fined 320 liras ($58) each and released.

Earlier in May, in a massive nationwide crackdown,113 suspects were arrested over charges of illegal gambling.
The entire operation involved 28,000 police officers, and over 20,000 locations were raided. The raids saw police forces searching places like coffee houses, shops, and offices of various organizations and associations.

In Turkey, most of the illegal gambling operations are carried out from small or makeshift coffee houses. Also, the illegal gambling dens run in the disguise of being a sort of local association or an organization to evade regulatory authorities.

Gambling is illegal in Turkey since it was banned in 1989; however, illegal gambling is rampant in the country.

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