Iowa Legislators Delay Regulations On Sports Gambling Debts

Iowa Legislators Delay Regulations On Sports Gambling Debts

In Iowa, that part of the sports gambling regulation which would allow the state to collect winnings of gamblers who owe child support, or back taxes or criminal debt would be discussed later. A legislative panel delayed voted to delay the discussion to formulate rules related to gambling debts.

Some casinos in Iowa had requested the Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee to delay this part of the Iowa sports gambling regulations as lawmakers could draft a bill in that regards next year.

It should be noted that Iowa casinos are all set to launch sports betting this week on Thursday. Three casinos have confirmed the launch on August 15. Iowa is now the 11th US state to launch sports betting operations after it was legalized by the US Supreme Court last year.

According to the sports gambling regulations in Iowa, licensed casinos have to ask for the Social Security numbers of sports gamblers once they win $1,200 and then the casinos are permitted to verify the gamblers against a database of people delinquent on child support, criminal fines or taxes before handing out the winnings.

The $1,200 amount is the federal threshold at which slot machine players must report their winnings for tax purposes.

A recent Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) study found that gambling addiction is on the rise in the state. In its finding, IDPH reported that nearly 14 percent of Iowa gamblers are facing compulsive gambling issues.

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