Encore Boston Harbor Casino Becomes A Fighting Ground, Several Charged

Encore Boston Harbor Casino Becomes A Fighting Ground, Several Charged

A series of fights broke out at Wynn’s new Encore Boston Harbor casino. The police have confirmed that several people are facing charges in connection with disturbances and clashes at the gambling facility.

State police spokesman David Procopio said in a statement that “members of the Gaming Enforcement Unit, including state troopers and Everett police officers, were called in to quell the disturbances, the first of which began around 2 a.m. Monday as a large crowd was leaving a nightclub within the casino.”

However, it did not end with the first fight. In less than 30 minutes, two other fights broke out reportedly one in the main lobby of the hotel and another on the gambling floor.

While two people were arrested from the venue a third was detained for drunken behavior.

Wynn Resorts new casino started welcoming guests from June 23. The casino grossed a whopping $16.7 million in its opening week. The Everett casino paid $4.1 million to the state in tax revenue for the revenues generated between June 23 and June 30.

However, a lawsuit was filed against the casino which alleged that the gambling facility was cheating its patrons. The lawsuit was filed by one New Yorker Richard Schuster. Schuster has said that Everett casino is paying out less for certain winning hands at blackjack and rounding down payouts from slot machines.

Responding to the allegations the Massachusetts Gaming Commission launched an investigation. The gaming commission’s Investigation and Enforcement Bureau reviewed the allegations and confirmed that operations at Encore Casino are in compliance with state regulations and that it is not rounding down payouts from slot machines.

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