Finnish Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus To Reduce the Number Of Slot Machines

Finnish Gambling Monopoly Veikkaus To Reduce the Number Of Slot Machines

Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus has said that they are planning to reduce the number of slot machines over the next few years.

According to the reports in the local media, Veikkaus CEO Olli Sarekoski has confirmed that the gambling monopoly will cut the number of slot machines following the new legislation which calls for slot machines to have the identification verification technology.

Veikkaus CEO also said that with this move “gambling will decrease and there won’t be the same need for slot machines.”

Citizen groups have been actively campaigning against the rising gambling addiction in the country. There has been a public outcry over Veikkaus’ move to install gambling machines at non-gambling venues including restaurants and gas stations.

Last week, amidst a public outcry, Veikkaus temporarily pulled its radio advert. The gambling adverts were specifically designed to run during this year’s “royal races.” Veikkaus spends over 50 million Euros each year on advertising gambling products.

United against the rise of gambling addiction in the country, non-profit organizations campaigning against gambling addiction in Finland urged the government to appoint health experts to the board of the state-owned gambling monopoly Veikkaus.

The organizations campaigning for promoting safer gambling practices have said that the gambling monopoly is not doing enough to promote responsible gambling.

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