Vietnam: 13 Arrested, $69 Million Online Gambling Ring Busted

Vietnam: 13 Arrested, $69 Million Online Gambling Ring Busted

Police in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi busted an illegal online gambling ring which is said to have facilitated gamblers to wagering about $69 million through an online gambling website.

The police have confirmed that 13 arrests have been made so far in connection with the illegal gambling ring.

The entire illegal gambling operation was run through a website, hosted on overseas servers. Local media reports have named Hoang Lai Nam, 41, as the chief of operations of the illegal gambling venture.

While the operations were carried out from Hanoi it was also spread in Hai Phong City, Thai Binh Province, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Apart from the arrests the Vietnamese authorities also seized eight cars, multiple computers, and mobile phones. The police have also seized cash worth $240,000.

Online gambling is illegal in Vietnam; however, illegal gambling is rampant in the country.

Earlier in July, in a massive crackdown on illegal online gambling, police in Vietnam detained over 380 Chinese nationals for their involvement in operating the country’s largest underground online gambling ring.

Earlier this year in April, the chief inspector of the Vietnamese Information Ministry was detained for alleged involvement in $420 million organized illegal online gambling operations. The police chief was charged with assisting illegal gambling operators and had been shielding them. He is also accused of taking undue advantage of his position.

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