Embroiled In Controversy, Veikkaus Will Now Establish An Internal Ethics Council

Embroiled In Controversy, Veikkaus Will Now Establish An Internal Ethics Council

Finland’s state-owned gambling monopoly Veikkaus has confirmed that they would be creating an internal Ethics council. Gambling administrators will now be preparing a timeline for constituting the Ethics committee in the company’s next board meeting.

Amidst allegations of being lax in implementing responsible gambling measures, Veikkaus has also revised its guidelines following which now there will a ‘responsibility metric’ in their reward system which is developed to track gamblers who may demonstrate compulsive gambling behavior.

“Responsible values are integral to all of Veikkaus’ services,” said chair Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in a release. “We have been steadily evaluating the emergence of problematic gambling trends.”

Veikkaus has been embroiled in controversies lately. The gambling Monopoly had to pull its radio advert amidst a massive public outcry.
The decision to form an Ethics committee comes after Non-Profit organizations campaigning against gambling addiction in Finland urged the government to appoint health experts to the board of the state-owned gambling monopoly Veikkaus.

The organizations which have been actively pursuing the cause of limiting the spread of gambling addiction have been complaining that the gambling monopoly is not doing enough to promote responsible gambling.

Earlier this week, Veikkaus also said that they are planning to reduce the number of slot machines over the next few years. The gambling monopoly confirmed that it will cut the number of slot machines following the new legislation which calls for slot machines to have the identification verification technology.

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