44 Percent Online Gamblers Used Smartphones: Gambling Commission Report

44 Percent Online Gamblers Used Smartphones: Gambling Commission Report

A recent study from the UK gambling commission reveals that over 44 percent of the gamblers in the country used their smartphones to wager in the past one month.

In its recent blog in the series ‘Move to mobile’ which is aimed at discussing the impacts of the smartphone technology on the gambling industry, the UK gambling commission revealed how popular is mobile gambling.

Research by Ofcom finds that while only 39 percent of adults using mobile phones in 2012, 78 percent of adults used mobile phones in 2018. It was also found that since 2016, mobile phones replaced computers as the most popular method to connect to the internet.

According to The UKGC’s most recent annual participation statistics, 44 percent of the online gamblers confirmed that they had wagered using mobile phones at least once in the past four weeks.

The figures also represent a near 100 percent increase in the number of mobile gamblers since UKGC began tracking this data in 2015. In 2015, only 23 percent of the online gamblers had confirmed using mobile phones to gamble.

Moreover, the research also found that many people use multiple screens at once whilst gambling. This is very common for UK adults – 63% of UK adults report using other devices while watching TV (statistica.com).

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