Iowa Becomes The 11th US State To Launch Sports Betting Operations

Iowa Becomes The 11th US State To Launch Sports Betting Operations

After joining the league of states that legalized sports betting following a US Supreme Court order in favor of sports betting legalization the previous year, IOWA has now become the 11th state to have successfully launched sports betting operations at its brick and mortar gambling facilities.

Earlier this week on Thursday, Iowa casinos offered to wager on sporting events for the first time.

Six casinos in the state offered on-site sports gambling while Casinos in Altoona, Bettendorf, Osceola, and Waterloo offered to bet on-site and through a mobile app.

Casinos in Burlington and Council Bluffs are offering on-site betting only for now until their mobile systems are set up.

There are a total of 19 licensed casino operators in the state and it is expected that all 19 casinos offer sports betting.

According to the current regulations, players in Iowa must visit the casino gambling facility in person, prove their age and identity and set up an account to wager on sporting events.

Players can bet on professional, collegiate and international sporting events. However, mobile sports betting is restricted to borders of Iowa itself.

Earlier this week, before the launch of the sports betting operations, Iowa regulators delayed that part of the sports gambling regulation which would allow the state to collect winnings of gamblers who owe child support, or back taxes or criminal debt.

Moreover, a recent report from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) finds that there has been a slight increase in gambling addiction in the state.

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