New Online Slots – 19 August 2019

New Online Slots - 19 August 2019

The online casino gaming landscape is ever changing. What is popular one year may not be so the next. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of online slots, where fads and trends play a titanic role in the popularity of games. Online slots are continually undergoing changes, as software providers battle it out to provide the best games to players.

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One of the most significant changes in the slot world this year is the massive drop in the wagering ranges in online slots. Only a few years ago, many slots would have wagering ranges which stemmed from a floor of 20p (or so) up to £1,000 or more. Many newer releases don’t offer this broad spectrum of bets.

More Paylines, Smaller Stakes

Many have attributed the adoption of smaller wagering ranges as being down to tighter restrictions by national gambling commission on what players are or are not allowed to stake per spin. This is only true of land-based slot machines, the so-called FOBTs (fixed odds betting terminals), though. The change to smaller wagering ranges online is most likely down to customer demand. 

At the same time as stakes are becoming smaller, the number of paylines is increasing in online slots. Many games (such as MegaWays slots) now offer tens or even hundreds of thousands of paylines for stakes which range from 10p up to £20. Others incorporate win both ways payline structures into their games, allowing players to double their odds of success while keeping stakes to a minimum. These are all signs that developers are responding to customer demands, not law changes by gambling commissions.

Adjustable Variance Is Introduced

Another sign that slot developers are pandering to the desire of customers, not commissions is the inclusion of adjustable variance levels. In the past, slots tended to be low or high variance. Now, medium variance games are widely available. On top of that, new slots can sometimes contain adjustable variance levels, allowing players on all budgets to play the same games. If these options aren’t immediately available on the wagering menu, they may be found on the paytable menu.

High-Roller Games No Longer a Norm

Many of the newest slot games have maximum wagers which do not exceed a couple of hundred pounds per spin, while the number of paylines increases. The days of epic high-roller slots, such as WMS Gaming’s Montezuma seem to be numbered. Players needn’t worry too much about that, though. Legendary slots such as that will still be around for many years to come.

Low Stakes Betting is Here to Stay

Players will still be able to find high-roller slots out there on the net. However, the demand right now is very much for plenty of paylines and limited wagering ranges. Given that most players are low rollers (in some sense), low stakes betting certainly appears as though it is here to stay, at least for a while. 

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