Online Casinos And VPNs: Recommended Sites To Play Abroad

Online Casinos And VPNs: Recommended Sites To Play Abroad

Many European countries are starting to ensure that only online casinos which hold licenses issued by their national gambling commissions are offering services to their players. This poses a bit of a problem, given that the European Union believes that any European issued license should be enough for a casino to cater to players in any EU member state.

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The result of countries like Sweden, Belgium and others offering their own gambling licenses means that players are likely to miss out on playing at a wide variety of casino sites. Fortunately, rather than having their accounts locked and blocked at a casino which is now deemed “offshore” and “illegal”, players have found a way to fight back – VPNs.

The Basic Function of a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are an excellent way of circumventing geo-blocks issued by various countries’ ISPs (internet service providers). In a very basic sense, a VPN tricks the internet connection into thinking that players are currently elsewhere.

For instance, a computer and web browser may assume that a player is based in the United Kingdom (because they have set their VPN to a UK connection), all the while, the player is at home in Bulgaria. Understandably, not every country is a fan of VPNs, but few have gone as far as to block them right now.

Reasons to Try This Mode of Gaming

The main reason why any online casino player might choose to use a VPN is to play at a casino which they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to. On occasion, this is done because a player used to have an account at a casino, but their local internet service provider has now blocked that site.

Other players may choose to use a VPN because gambling online may be illegal in their country. There are also those players who reside in countries where gambling is legal, but the array of available casinos is poor compared to those in other nations. For instance, Belgium has legalised online casino gambling, but only for a handful of sites. Using a VPN allows players to access far more than just Belgian online casinos.

Online Casinos Which Accept VPN Use

Most online casinos say that they do not permit players who use VPNs to play. However, a great deal of them don’t mean it. VPNs are widely used in the casino world. Not every offshore casino requires them, though. There are offshore casinos, many of which can be powered by Rival Gaming and RTG, which are open to players worldwide, irrespective of where they reside.

When to Use Such a Service

Players should give some thought to using a VPN before doing so at an online casino. It is always advised to ensure that a casino accepts the use of a virtual private network (or at least doesn’t say they forbid it), and players should note that having a VPN will likely cost them a monthly fee. If they are based abroad in a region where gambling isn’t the in-thing, having such a tool to play online can be a huge advantage.

Friendly Online Casinos that accept VPN:  Cleopatra Online Casino

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