Betting Companies Using Social Media To Attract Children Into Gambling

Betting Companies Using Social Media To Attract Children Into Gambling

Betting companies in the UK are using different social media platforms to target children. The findings from a Bristol University and Demos investigation study has made shocking revelations.

The report mentions that over 41,000 UK followers of gambling-related twitter handles are of those under the age of 16. It should be noted that Twitter is also the most widely used social media platform by gambling companies to promote their products.

Earlier this year, a study from the Northumbria University confirmed that gambling operators in the country rarely promote safe gambling through their Twitter handles.

Scott Houghton, a postgrad research scholar at Northumbria University, said the study was aimed at assessing the nature of posts shared and promoted by gambling companies and their affiliates from their twitter accounts.
Bristol University and Demos study found that six percent of followers of traditional gambling accounts are children. Followers of e-sports gambling handles comprise 17 percent underage minors.

Also, the report says that around 28 percent of those responding to esports betting tweets in the UK were children.
Gambling addiction among children has been on the rise in the UK.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, the number of children at the risk of gambling addiction has risen 400 percent in the past two years.

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