Malaysia: Online Gambling Syndicate Busted, Police Arrest 100 Chinese Nationals

Malaysia: Online Gambling Syndicate Busted, Police Arrest 100 Chinese Nationals

In a major crackdown on illegal online gambling in the country, the Malaysian police have arrested 100 Chinese nationals. The online gambling syndicate was catering to gamblers from China and facilitating online gambling which is illegal in Malaysia.

The police confirmed that the arrests were made in four raids on Bungalows in a posh locality of the capital city Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning.

“All of those detained were foreign nationals while the victims were from China,” Mohamad Hedzir Hussin, assistant director of the Malaysian federal police’s Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice Division, told reporters at the location.

“From the four premises, police seized 66 laptops, 23 personal computers, 555 mobile phones, 11 modems, and eight routers,” he said.

The police said that the members of the syndicate were under surveillance for over a month after which the raids were executed. The premises from where the gambling syndicate was operating reportedly also housed servers for several online gambling websites.

It is estimated that the syndicate would be making the U.S. $17,244 a day in profits.

“The syndicate targets victims in China and all transactions, payments are made through WeChat Pay as well as banks there. The number of victims is estimated to be over 1,000 people,” Hedzir said.

The suspects are being held and investigated under Malaysia’s Common Gaming Houses Act and also under the Immigration Act for staying in the country without proper travel documents, the officials said.

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