Golden Mesa Tribal Casino In Oklahoma to Welcome Guests From September 12

Golden Mesa Tribal Casino In Oklahoma to Welcome Guests From September 12

The Shawnee Tribe’s Golden Mesa Casino in Oklahoma is all geared up to receive guests from the next month. Thursday, September 12 has been announced as the scheduled opening day.

The new tribal casino will feature over 600 electronic games and at least six table games. The gaming facility will also host a shopping and dining area.

The Shawnee tribe regained the tribal status in 2000. Following the regaining of the tribal status, the tribe worked its way to get off-reservation land for the casino in the state.

“I think why they are excited and why we see this as a great opportunity for everyone involved is because it’s the first of its kind, top shelf, an entertainment venue for the Panhandle,” said Chris Floyd, president of Shawnee Development LLC.

Floyd also said that the casino would generate at least $36 million in gaming revenue annually and would create about 175 jobs for the local population.

“We are going to bring visitors from all over that are going to come here. They are going to be entertained here at our facility and they are also going to be staying overnight and shopping and eating at the local restaurants, and bringing a new economy we believe to this area,” he added.

“For the first time it will allow us to be self-sufficient and not have to depend on others and other governments,” said Greg Pitcher, a board member for Shawnee Development LLC.

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