German Gambling Advertising Spend Increased Threefold In The Last Five Years

German Gambling Advertising Spend Increased Threefold In The Last Five Years

Gambling advertising spends have increased by about 300 percent in the last five years in Germany.

According to the data compiled through a study by media observation firm AdVision, the German advertising spending stood at €401m in the past 12 months ending May 2019. The study claims that the figures represent a threefold increase over a period of five years.

The highest increase in gambling advertising is seen in online casinos sector which saw advertising spends increased by €70m over just the past year.

20 percent of the spend on gambling adverts was on promoting sports betting, while 25 percent went to promoting other gambling products.

The study also finds that on an average there are 64 different companies promoting their gambling products each month. The number is about 35 percent higher than the number of companies promoting gambling products a year ago.
80 percent of gambling advertising spending was on Television.

Germany has recently been strict on online gambling and gambling adverts.

Earlier this year in March this year, Germany’s top authority on broadcasting regulations, Media Authority of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH), issued a notice prohibiting TV and radio stations from airing gambling advertisements.

Recently, Paypal also revised its terms of use in Germany. As per the revised terms, online gambling operators are prohibited from using Paypal’s online gambling platform to process payments for gambling products which are not legal in the jurisdiction in which they are being used.

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