Casino Workers To Strike Over Compensation For Weekend Working Hours

Casino Workers To Strike Over Compensation For Weekend Working Hours

Skycity casino workers are going on a strike against management over compensation for the weekend working hours. The casino workers have scheduled strike from 5 pm August 31 to 8 am September 1. The workers have said that they would not mediate until September 6.

The campaign is called “Back to the Weekend” and strives to fight for the rights of casino employees to choose to spend their weekends with family and friends. The strike has been organized by Unite Union said.

“The basic problem is that SkyCity needs most of its workers at weekends and nights and makes most of its income during that time – but prefers to use the ‘stick’ rather than the ‘carrot’ to get staff at these times,” Unite Union national secretary Gerard Hehir said.

The complaints of the casino workers are that many low paid workers have to follow rotating rosters regardless of their family situation. The Unite Union says that the workers also don’t get any extra money for works on the weekend and night.

The Union demands better pay at nights and weekends for casino workers.

Unite Union has over 900 casino employees as members under the SkyCity Employees Association banner.

Skycity has said that it is already in talks and in the negotiation process with the workers. The company officials have said that they have offered a 6 to 25 percent increase in wages over the next two years.

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