Thai Online Gamblers Warned Of A Massive Data Breach

Thai Online Gamblers Warned Of A Massive Data Breach

Online gamblers in Thailand have been warned of a massive data breach by the government. The stat-run Thailand Computer Security Coordination Center (ThaiCERT) issued a warning on Thursday and said that about 3.3m Thai citizens’ personal information has been compromised and have been found in “foreign database systems which overlap with gambling websites.”

The security organization also said that they have examined a ‘leaked’ database which has details of over 41 million people of which 3.3 million are of Thai nationals.

The compromised data includes information such as names, birth dates, government identification numbers, phone numbers, and banking information.

The agency has warned people against scam phone calls and other fraudulent contacts through social media.
Gambling is illegal in Thailand, however, illegal gambling is thriving. There have been several cases of illegal online gambling rings operating in the country.

Earlier this year in June, in a massive crackdown on illegal gambling, the Thai authorities detained 54 accused. Of the 54 detained 24 were Malaysians. The accused were arrested after the police in Betong town raided empty premises where illegal gambling operations were being carried out.

It was the second incident in the same month. Earlier, Bangkok’s immigration police confirmed the arrest of nine Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in facilitating illegal online gambling. The accused were found to be making illegal transactions for online gamblers in China and were arrested from two apartments in Bangkok’s Phraram 9.

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