Chinese President Did Not Discuss Online Gambling Ban With Duterte

Chinese President Did Not Discuss Online Gambling Ban With Duterte

As per the briefing by the Philippines Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, in a much-awaited meeting with President Duterte, Chinese president Xi Jinping did not push for online gambling ban and thus respected Philippines’ sovereignty over its gambling policies.

Denying that any request to ban online gambling was made from the Chinese counterpart, in a statement issued by the Department of Finance over the weekend, Dominguez said, “China respected the Philippines’ sovereignty over the government’s policy on gambling during President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting in Beijing.

“The Chinese leader did not ask or request the Philippine Chief Executive to ban offshore gaming operations, which mostly employ Chinese nationals.”

Earlier, calling for a ban on online gambling ahead of the meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Genghad said, “We hope the Philippines will go further and ban all online gambling.” Geng described online gambling as “the most dangerous tumor in modern society detested by people all across the world.”

While Dominguez said that Xi “applauded the moratorium on new licensees in the Philippines,” he added that “President Xi’s statement regarding POGO during his meeting with President Duterte was just a comment.”

Recently, the Philippines’ anti-money laundering body said that it is studying the scope of the country’s online gambling industry to determine the impact banning it altogether will have on the economy.

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