Old Skool Studios And Others Prove Canada Is A Major Innovator In iGaming

Old Skool Studios And Others Prove Canada Is A Major Innovator In iGaming. Source: Pixabay

In terms of exports, the biggest driver of the Canadian economy is undoubtedly the raw materials, shipped to every corner of the globe. These not only include logs, minerals and food, but also an abundance of oil and natural gas.

However, there’s another valuable export that is often overlooked and doesn’t perhaps get as much credit as it deserves. Canada also boasts an abundance of creative and innovative talent, embracing advances in technology and contributing towards the boom in iGaming.

According to Statista data and analysis released in 2019, the online gambling market, commonly referred to as the iGaming sector, is projected to be worth more than 94 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Developers in Canada, therefore, are keen to be permanent fixtures within and industry for which growth shows no signs of slowing down.

From casual mobile games to standalone PC and console titles developed for major international publishers, there’s no limit to the scope of Canadian developers. Some of the most innovative are dedicating their efforts in the iGaming industry, developing software that that online casinos rely upon to run smoothly and securely, or the most popular games.

A recently published report highlighted that in Vancouver alone, there are more than 60 startups, focused on developing video games for a variety of sectors within the industry. A look elsewhere around Canada shows a thriving gaming industry blossoming in other cities.

Of course, for developers with their roots firmly planted in the Canadian gaming industry, nothing gives them more pride than seeing their games featured at Canada-friendly online casinos running on Microgaming software, such as Ruby Fortune featured in this article. That said, getting to feature on such prestigious platforms requires huge effort for small developers.

As the world’s leading publisher of online casino software and games, UK-based Microgaming has become the most powerful player in the industry, since launching the very first true online casino software back in 1994. Alongside their own in-house studios, the company has expanded to launch the Quickfire platform, now utilized by hundreds of online casinos.

One small Canadian developer making the most of this opportunity is Old Skool Studios, who currently have four slots games released via the Microgaming Quickfire platform, allowing their products to reach millions of players around the world. Not bad for a small team from Vancouver, who boasts clients including EA Games and the British Colombia Lottery.

Their story is far from isolated, either, with more and more small developers emerging each year around Canada, keen to make their mark and embrace the iGaming golden age. Indeed, it’s fair to say that Canada is fast starting to lead the way in terms of software development expertise, creating another export swiftly gaining importance within the local economy.

Aside from raw materials drawn from the rich reserves of the Canadian ground, some of the biggest exports could be those drawn from the minds of creative and innovative games developers, in the coming decades. Monty Python might have to change their famous lumberjack song to “I’m a games developer and I’m okay” instead if the boom continues…

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