EGBA Once Again Emphasises On Uniform European Online Gambling Laws

EGBA Once Again Emphasises On Uniform European Online Gambling Laws

The European Gaming and Betting Association has once again emphasized on uniform pan-Europe laws for online gambling. The industry group has called upon the European policymakers to work upon a single law for entire Europe to facilitate gambling also curb illegal gambling and check gambling-related harms.

“Introducing a single set of rules for online betting in the EU makes perfect sense – it would improve the regulation of the sector, save significant money for both consumers and companies and help better protect consumers. That is why EGBA is calling on EU policymakers to ensure that the digital single market benefits the 12 million Europeans who bet online,” said Maarten Haijer, secretary-general of the EGBA

Talking of the challenges the wide diversity in legal framework across countries bring upon the online gambling sector the EGBA noted that there are “28 different sets of national gambling policies which diverge significantly and create unnecessary national barriers”.

In a recent statement, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) also said that it is committed to challenging the payment ban imposed by the Norwegian authorities on offshore online gambling operators after a Norwegian court turned down the association’s appeal to revoke the payment block.

“All other European countries have now introduced, or are in the process of introducing, a so-called multi-license regime which allows European companies who fulfill strict safety and quality criteria to obtain a license to provide online betting,” the EGBA said.

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