FOX Bet, Real Money Sport Gambling App Launches in New Jersey

FOX Bet, Real Money Sport Gambling App Launches in New Jersey

In an unprecedented partnership between a national media house and a sports gambling company, Fox Sports and the Star Group has launched a real-money sports gambling app in New Jersey.

The timing of the launch is crucial as the football season is just about to begin.

In a press briefing the company said that the FOX Bet is designed to immerse fans in New Jersey in the sports competition they love and give them the opportunity to legally and responsibly place real-money wagers on the outcome of a wide range of live sports and special events including football, baseball, hockey, motor-sports, golf, tennis, and soccer.

FOX Bet also offers access to FOX Sports content, instant scores, stats, alerts, and odds updates as well as up-to-the-minute news, expert insight and hall-of-fame commentary from FOX Sports’ all-star team of broadcasters and analysts.

“If you’re a sports fan in New Jersey, FOX Bet is a game-changer,” said Robin Chhabra, Chief Executive Officer of FOX Bet. “FOX Bet combines decades of expertise in content-rich programming and regulated online gaming to drive a superior, integrated and interactive live viewing experience for our customers found nowhere else in the United States,” the company said in its statement to the press.

The App is now available for bettors on iOS and Android and users can also access it via the internet.

From today on wards, FOX Bet will replace BetStars in New Jersey. However, PokerStars and PokerStars Casino will remain available without change.

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