President Duterte Rejects China’s Demands To Ban Online Gambling

President Duterte Rejects China’s Demands To Ban Online Gambling

Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he does not want to ban the offshore online gambling business in the country. He said that banning online gambling will negatively impact the nation’s economy.

Earlier China had called for banning online gambling in the Philippines. In a press briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said:“We have also taken note of the Philippine government’s announcement and appreciates it. We hope the Philippines will go further and ban all online gambling,”

“This will help create an enabling environment for the development of bilateral relations and peace and stability in the region,” he added.

In a televised interview, the president said/: “We decide to benefit the interest of my country. I decide that we need it.”

Online gambling companies, known as Philippine offshore gambling operators (POGOs) draw a host of visitors from mainland China where gambling is banned altogether.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ anti-money laundering body recently announced that it is studying the scope of the country’s online gambling industry to determine the impact on the economy if online gambling is banned altogether.

“What if all of a sudden they decide to pack up and leave? What will be the impact of that on the property sector, also the food industry, the restaurants? This is part of my job as BSP governor,” Diokno told an economic forum.

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