Venice City Council Says Gambling A ‘Social Scourge’, Wants It Banned

Venice City Council Says Gambling A 'Social Scourge,' Wants It Banned

In an all-out campaign against gambling activities in the city, the Venice City Council has called for removing slot machines from pubs, bars, and pizza outlets. The body has termed gambling as a ‘social scourge’.

The Council has urged the businesses hosting gambling machines to remove them and also new businesses from installing.

The council has clearly said that they want immediate follow-ups and cannot afford to stay idle until the national action on gambling.

The city also brought in β€˜anti-social behavior orders β€˜ following which several tourists were completely banned from entering the city again.

According to the local media reports in Italy, over 100 anti-social exclusion orders have been passed for tourist picnics, pushing scooters, sunbathing in a bikini and tying bikes to railings.

City councilor Simone Venturini has said that the move is intended to protect the weak.

‘We immediately started to launch a series of measures capable of counteracting this alarming proliferation and protecting the health and integrity of the most fragile people and of the family heritage,’ he said.

The tourist city of Venice is also planning on banning outdoor smoking. Talking to the press, Mayor Brugnaro said: “I’m speaking as someone who enjoys the occasional cigar, but I always try to avoid smoking when there are lots of people around, even if I’m out in the open.”

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