Belgium Annuls Casino Austria’s Online Gambling License

Belgium Annuls Casino Austria’s Online Gambling License

The Belgian Council Of States has annulled the online gambling license including betting and casino licenses of Casinos Austria International (CAI). The annulment of the licenses will directly impact the ability of its sub-licensee Betway to operate in the Belgian market.

The gambling company operates the Grand Casino Brussels Visage.

As per the current gambling regulations, any gambling operator is not allowed to offer more than one form of online gambling. It is also restricted for certain brick and mortar gambling facilities.

As Betway, through its its domain, offers both online casino games, under CAI’s A+ licence, and sports betting, under an F1+ licence it is found to be not compatible with the current laws.

The Council of State has annulled the decision to award licenses to CAI; as such it is not that Betway will have to immediately pull out of the Belgian market. A lot depends on the country’s gambling authority.

CAI can reapply for its A+ and F1+ licenses, once it amends the URLs through which it offers online casino and sports betting.

Recently, Casino Austria revealed its plans to vouch for an integrated casino license in the Nagasaki prefecture – the most challenging and expensive amongst the Japanese potential casino destinations.

Casinos Austria have confirmed that they are in the race for a casino license in Nagasaki prefecture and their Japanese arm is in the process of forming a consortium seeking.

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