Cities That Get More Overseas Tourists Ahead In Race For Hosting A Japanese Casino

Cities That Get More Overseas Tourists Ahead In Race For Hosting A Japanese Casino

Japanese government has said that the cities which receive more foreign tourists are more likely to be picked as destinations for the country’s casino resorts.

Japan revealed its basic IR policy and briefed the terms of selection.

The government has also launched a public consultation and would be welcoming public opinions until October 3. A formal decision on the basic selection policy is expected to be made by the next year.

In the first phase, Japan is allowing for three casinos to be developed at different locations.

In the first released basic IR Policy, the government has said that it will be evaluating the contenders on the basis of international competitiveness and also verify if the proposed facilities can host big conventions.

The policy also intends to evaluate a party’s effectiveness in restricting the negative impacts of the casino gambling industry on the local population. Moreover, the accessibility and proximity to big cities are also a factor to be considered.

The draft policy said the government plans to evaluate a candidate in terms of international competitiveness, and check whether it has a high-quality facility that can host big conventions and whether it can be accessed easily from major cities within Japan and abroad, among other aspects.

While the deadline to submit a formal application is yet to be decided, Osaka, Nagasaki, Wakayama, and Yokohoma have already announced that they are in the race for hosting a Japanese casino.

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