No Bids For Satellite Casino License In Pennsylvania

No Bids For Satellite Casino License In Pennsylvania

No company turned up for satellite casino license in Pennsylvania. The minimum amount for a satellite casino bid was fixed a $7.5 million. However, none of the parties turned up for the five casino license auction and therefore as per the regulations the auction process is now canceled.

Pennsylvania legalized satellite casino gambling in 2017 and allowed for up to 10 satellite casinos to be built across the state. The satellite casinos can host about 300 to 750 slot machines. The gambling facilities can also host table games at an additional fee.

Currently, there are 13 licensed casinos and racinos in the state. Also, Pennsylvania recently launched online gambling.

Doug Harbach, PGCB’s communications director, said: “At this juncture, we read the law as requiring an additional license (for sports betting) at $10 million.

However, sports wagering can be offered at auxiliary facilities to a casino, namely an off-track betting facility, so casinos that also have a racing license could request from the Horse Racing Commission to transfer an existing or establish a new OTB at their mini-casino site.”

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has green signaled the development of a mini-casino at the Westmoreland Mall.

The mini-casino project which goes by the name of ‘ Live! Casino Pittsburgh’ is expected to cost about $150 million. It would have a built-up area of 100,000 square feet and would host about 30 table games 750 slots and electronic games, as well as live entertainment and multi-cuisine dining options.

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