Over 100,000 Chinese Leave Cambodia After Online Gambling Ban

Over 100,000 Chinese Leave Cambodia After Online Gambling Ban

According to the estimated figures released by the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, about 120,000 Chinese nationals have left the country since online gambling ban was officially announced. The Ministry said that about 6000 Chinese nationals have been leaving Cambodia every day since the ban was declared.

Just two weeks ago, Cambodia banned online gambling through a directive issued and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen which reads: “The Royal Government of Cambodia will stop the issuance of online gambling policy and licenses, both within and outside of the Kingdom of Cambodia, from the date of signing this directive.”

“Some foreign criminals have taken refuge in the form of this gambling to cheat and extort money from victims, domestic and abroad, which affect the security, public order and social order,” the directive said.

Since all online gambling licenses in Cambodia are issued for a period of one year, with no new licenses to be issued by the government, online gambling will be illegal by August 2020 as the current licenses start to expire.

The online gambling scene in Cambodia is dominated by Chinese nationals. Also, gangs operating illegal gambling dens and catering to both locals and mainland Chinese nationals had been mushrooming in Cambodia, especially in the country’s Sihanoukville province.

Recently, the Cambodian police arrested 12 Chinese nationals over casino gambling debt-related Kidnapping. The Chinese nationals were arrested over charges of kidnapping three people after the victims failed to pay gambling loans. Those kidnapped were also from China.

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