Richard Brown Appointed Interim GIG CEO, Replaces Robin Reed

Richard Brown Appointed Interim GIG CEO, Replaces Robin Reed

Gaming technology and services provider Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) has announced to replace its current CEO Robin Reed with immediate effect. Replacing Reed, Richard Brown would be the company’s interim CEO.

The company has said that it is in the process of replacing Reed and is looking for a new CEO, the process being monitored by corporate chairman Petter Nylander.

Commenting on the move to replace Reed, Nylander, chairman of the board of GiG, said: “Robin has played a crucial part in building a unique one-stop global technology provider, and we all owe him our sincere gratitude for this.

“However, the company now enters into the next phase of its development with different challenges and opportunities, and the board has reached the conclusion that GiG therefore also needs a different leadership.

“We have a skilled management team in place, I and the board have full confidence in the chief operating officer, Richard Brown, who will be acting CEO of GiG from today.”

GiG also that following the move Petter Nylander would ‘increase his engagement’ with the company.

Recently, GIG temporarily called off sports betting operations of its two brands Rizk and Guts in Sweden. The gaming company has said vague igaming regulations as a reason to suspend sportsbook.

GIG said that Sweden’s vague igaming regulations have pushed their business in “an impossible position.”

The company has also confirmed that they would honor the bets placed by Swedish customers. GIG has also said that they are looking forward to Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen clarify parts of the new gambling regulations.

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