PlayOJO Online Casino Launch New #WeatherTheWeather Campaign Involving Love Island Power Couple Alex And Olivia Bowen

PlayOJO Launch New #WeatherTheWeather Campaign Involving Love Island Power Couple Alex And Olivia Bowen


  • Over a quarter (28%) admit to losing over £100 having cancelled plans due to the bad weather this summer
  • Almost a quarter of Brits (24%) have had to cancel holidays both home and abroad due to the poor weather affecting their travel plans
  • Report commissioned to launch PlayOJO’s ‘Winning in the Rain’ campaign – designed to compensate people who have had days ruined by the weather

11th September 2019 – Brits have lost hundreds of pounds this season as 2019’s ‘Sun-predictable Summer’ has taken its toll, laying waste to our best laid plans and causing increased expenditure on weather-related items.

The report commissioned by fair online casino PlayOJO revealed the economic impact of the weather on 2,000 Brits, as well as gathering their more emotive thoughts on the unpredictable summer. Financially, as Boardmasters Festivalgoers will attest, 56% of Brits have lost money as a result of weather affected cancellations and worse still, over a quarter of Brits (28%) admitted to losing over £100 as a result.

For most (49%), the cancellation of planned events was the biggest reason for the loss of money. The most cancelled event this summer was BBQs/Garden Parties with almost a third of Britons (32%) having to rearrange, sporting events (12%) and birthdays (10%) were also events that fell apart due to poor weather.

In addition to this, the volatile weather has also had a detrimental impact on the holiday plans of Brits as nearly a quarter (24%) revealed that they have had to cancel their trips either at home or abroad as they were unable to get to their destination due to weather related flights or trains cancellations.

However, it is not just cancellation costs that have hit us in the pocket – but also spending more on weather-related consumer goods. As many as four in ten (40%) said they had to shell out for extra wet weather supplies to combat the summer’s chaotic climate. According to the report, 40% of Brits have spent an average of £39.15 this summer on additional wet weather supplies, equating to over £500m* spent nationally.

The report also suggests that Brits are not just suffering financially, but our relationships and well-being are also negatively impacted by the weather. Over two-thirds of Brits (71%) agreed that poor weather has a drastic effect on their mood with a further 50% noticing an increase in arguments with friends, family, or partners when the weather is bad.

The report was commission to launch PlayOJO’s ‘Winning in the Rain’ campaign – a month long campaign designed to compensate people who have had special days and events ruined by the weather.

The campaign has seen PlayOJO partner with Love Island and Reality TV personalities Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen, two celebrities who are well accustomed to good weather having spent eight sunny weeks in Mallorca – but also are partial to having it destroy their social events, even very nearly their very own wedding!

Alex Bowen commented:” The wet weather this year has been so unpredictable, Liv and I can’t plan what we want to do this summer without the weather having a real impact, it’s been so frustrating.

“Although you’ll know us best for living in the sun, we’ve actually been really unlucky with the weather. Our wedding, and even a trip to Barbados has been met with rain. That’s why we’ve teamed up with PlayOJO to help to give back to others who have had their plans rained on this summer.”

So whether your wedding day was rained on, your holiday was cancelled or your barbecue got soaked – PlayOJO wants to hear from you. Simply visit or post on Twitter/Instagram with #WinningInTheRain and tell us the story of how bad weather ruined your day and PlayOJO will look to creatively compensate those stories most in need of a fix.

A spokesperson for PlayOJO, who are challenging the UK online casino by being fair and transparent said:
‘This summer may have given us our hottest day on record, but its inconsistency has also wiped out birthdays, barbecues and even whole festivals. After the consistently glorious summer of 2018, the summer of 2019 will be known as the UK’s ‘sun predictable summer’.

‘It’s bad enough that our bank balances and relationships are affected by the weather, but now social plans are getting ruined at a rapid rate. As a result, PlayOJO are launching the ‘Winning in the Rain campaign – a month long campaign to compensate people who have had their plans ruined by the unpredictable weather. Be it re-shooting your wet wedding pictures or providing all the food and drink for your next barbecue, we will endeavor to make wetter better for some of those affected.”

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