MALAYSIA: 36 Arrested In Capital Kuala Lumpur Over Illegal Online Gambling

MALAYSIA: 36 Arrested In Capital Kuala Lumpur Over Illegal Online Gambling

Kuala Lumpur Police cracks down on illegal gambling and arrests 36 people on Friday. The police conducted a raid on three premises in Puchong area in the capital city busting an illegal online gambling den.

While online gambling is illegal in Malaysia, it is rampant at makeshift gambling centers operational in the country.

Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa, principal assistant director of CID Gambling / Vice / Gangsterism Prevention said that all the arrested suspects are aged between 21 and 65. The raids began at 6 pm and continue till late night yesterday.
β€œEight suspects detained were the premises caretakers, while the rest were clients or gamblers who were present during the raid.

β€œThe police also seized laptops, modems, routers, and cash,β€œ he said.

The online gambling den was new and is said to have been operational for only three weeks.

The illegal online gambling facility offered all kinds of gambling products including β€˜table games’ and jackpots. Their estimated daily turnover is expected to be about RM5,000 daily.

While further investigation is underway, those arrested have been booked under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

Last week, in a massive crackdown on illegal online gambling in the country, the Malaysian police arrested 100 Chinese nationals. The gambling syndicate busted wis expected to be making about U.S. $17,244 a day in profits.

Earlier this week, Malaysian Province of Sabah revealed its plans to put an end to any new gambling establishment featuring a slot machine.

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