Gambling Charity Gamble Aware To Work With Parent Zone

Gambling Charity Gamble Aware To Work With Parent Zone

GambleAware is all set to work with Parent Zone, a digital family life specialists, to create awareness among parents about the impacts of online gambling on children.

The program aims at empowering the parents with enhanced information and advice on better online safety measures for their children while also making them aware how exposure to online gambling can be detrimental for their children.

Talking of the partnership with Parent Zone, Dr. Jane Rigbye, Director of Education at GambleAware said: β€œMore and more children are being exposed to gambling like activity and it is increasingly important that parents are aware of the risks of gambling and talk to their children about it.

β€œWe’re really pleased to be able to work with Parent Zone to help educate parents about the gambling-like activity that their kids might be exposed to and make sure they know about the existing help and support that is available.”

Gambling addiction in children has been on the rise in the UK. According to a report from the UK Gambling Commission, the number of children facing compulsive gambling issues has risen by over 400 percent in the past two years.

Earlier this year in July, a GambleAware report suggested that there is a need for clear and explicit messages about risks associated with gambling to be present in gambling adverts of all forms.

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