Philippines Senator Favors China, Demands Online Gambolling Ban

Philippines Senator Favors China, Demands Online Gambolling Ban

Philippine Senator Leila De Lima has called for a ban on offshore online gambling. She urged President Rodrigo Duterte to accept the suggestion of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Recently China asked the Philippines to ban all online gambling in the country. “We have also taken note of the Philippine government’s announcement and appreciates it. We hope the Philippines will go further and ban all online gambling,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said in a press briefing in Beijing.

However, after a recent meeting with the Chinese premier Xi Jinping, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will not give in to China’s demand and that POGO’s would continue to operate.

Duterte confirmed that he does not want to ban the offshore online gambling business in the country as it would negatively impact the nation’s economy.

In her statement on Wednesday, Senator De Lima said that Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGO) are the reason for several gambling-related kidnappings and crimes and therefore should be banned.

“Mr. Duterte should heed these serious concerns that affect his people. He should order an immediate ban on online gambling in the country that causes more harm than good and stops looking at it from an economic or investment perspective,” she said.

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