Global Gaming Not Giving Up On Ninja Casino In Sweden

Global Gaming Not Giving Up On Ninja Casino In Sweden

Global Gaming is not going to wash hands off its Ninja Casino brand which was banned by the Swedish Gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, earlier in June this year.

Despite multiple claims and taking legal recourse, Global gaming met with no success to get its Ninja casino license restored.

In order to continue with the brand, the gambling operator has transferred its domain to Finnplay subsidiary Viral Interactive in an extended partnership deal. As such Global Gaming is hoping to get the brand relaunched.

Viral interactive is already operating Global Gaming’s Nano Casino brand in Sweden.

Earlier in June, Swedish gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen suspended Global Gaming’s Ninja Casino license and asked the Global Gaming’s subsidiary ‘SafeEnt’ which operated the online casino in the country to cease operations of the gambling site with immediate effect.

The decision to cease operations and suspend the license for Ninja Casino came after the gambling regulator found significant deficiencies and drawbacks in the company’s operations. As per the reports, the gambling regulator found that the company was not ensuring the compliance guidelines and was also lax on implementing anti-money-laundering measures.

Global Gaming chief executive Tobias Fagerlund said “We are, of course, aware of Ninja Casino’s enormous value in the Swedish market and it should come as no surprise that we do not want to let its potential go to waste,” Fagerlund explained.

“It is my belief that is in safe hands with Viral Interactive and Finnplay’s proven safe and responsible platform, which also places a great deal of emphasis on entertainment and the pleasure of gaming.”

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