The History Of Gambling

The History Of Gambling

Gambling is seen as an addictive and harmful habit. But how did it start in the first place? Read gambling history here to find out what made gambling so popular.

The Brief History and Evolution of Gambling

Gambling had existed since long before any of us were born. Evidence traces gambling back to early 2300 BC. Although regulated and severely curtailed in ancient times, gambling survived and is now a booming industry.

There are numerous large casinos all across the world dedicated to gambling. However, the internet has helped spread the game to an unprecedented scale, turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry. Numerous forms of gambling are available on the internet from online casinos to live dealer online roulette. But how did it originate and get to where it is today?

Evidence of Gambling in Ancient Times

Ancient artifacts were discovered in China that dated back to 2300 BC. These artifacts consisted of tiles that were used to play a primitive version of modern-day chance. Ancient texts such as Homer also have references of gambling that prove it existed in Greece as well. Various other countries, such as Italy, France, Rome, and Egypt all have ancient artifacts depicting some form of gambling in ancient times.

Modern Day Gambling

Modern-day gambling and Online Casino Real Money NZ  mostly exists in the form of casinos and online games. Cities such as Las Vegas attract huge crowds annually because of their large casinos. The first online Casino was launched in 1994, and online gambling has grown tremendously since. People can now gamble using real money with the click of a button while sitting in the comfort of their own home.


Gambling has existed since the dawn of time and seems only to be growing bigger. Every culture has some form of gambling associated with it. It is, however, a highly expensive and addictive hobby to have.

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