Blockchain-based Gambling Platform EOSPlay Hacked, Hacker Makes Away With $100,000 Worth Eos Tokens

Crypto Gambling Game EOSPlay Hacked, Hacker Makes Away With $100,000 Worth Eos Tokens

The security of blockchain-based gambling platform EOSPlay has been compromised and a hacker managed to get away with digital tokens worth $100,000.

EOSPlay is also amongst the world’s leading blockchain-based crypto gaming platform with a daily volume of over $314,000. Statistically speaking it is the 8th most popular gambling dApp (Decentralized Application).

According to the reports, the hacker made good of a bug in the game which allowed him to steal 30,000 EOS tokens through the EOS REX service.

To make it feasible, the hacker first made a deposit of 300 EOS tokens (approx. $1,100) and used it to open multiple transaction channels. With several channels the congested the network which in turn effectively limited the network bandwidth. It was during this short period when the hacker managed to duplicate several times without being noticed.

Dan Larimer, CTO of EOS’s parent company Block. One has said that it is one incident and that the rest of the network remains unaffected and therefore there is nothing much to worry about.

“The network didn’t freeze for token holders, there was just no extra bandwidth available for free use,” he said.
Security has been a concern with blockchain-based gaming platforms.

Earlier this year in April, a Dapp gambling platform on Tron network disappeared in thin air, duping several crypto gamblers of their hard-earned digital tokens. According to the estimates over 59 million DOO tokens owned by 1,204 investors, were still in circulation when the platform just disappeared.

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