Belgium To Consult Industry Stakeholders On Gambling Ad Restrictions

Belgium To Consult Industry Stakeholders On Gambling Ad Restrictions

Belgian gambling regulator has decided to launch a consultation with industry stakeholders in regards to the recently adopted gambling advert restrictions.

The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) will be consulting the country’s gambling operators over the new gambling ad restriction which came into effect from June 1, 2019. The goal is to understand perspectives and challenges facing gambling operators to ensure compliance with the new gambling advertising guidelines.

Gambling operators in Belgium have up to 4 October to send in their comments and suggestions to the gambling regulator. Moreover, licensed gambling operators will get an opportunity to present their suggestions and share their ideas with the sub-commission supervising the consultation on 15 October.

With the new advertising rules, promoting casino games on television was completely banned in Belgium. Moreover, advertising sports betting was also restricted as no gambling adverts were allowed to be aired or streamed during and before and after a sporting event.

Moreover, promoting bonus offers through operator’s website was also banned along with offers to reimburse players who lost on wagers.

Moreover, players have been set a weekly cap of €500 per week and even the cap could be further reduced.

In Belgium, now all gambling adverts required to carry a message – “Jouez avec modération” (Play in moderation). The message should appear on at least 4 percent of the advertising space used to promote a gambling product.

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