In A Cleanup Drive, PartyPoker Closes 48 Fraudulent Accounts In August, Recovers Over $180,000

In A Cleanup Drive PartyPoker Closes 48 Fraudulent Accounts In August, Recovers Over $180,000

To ensure the security of its gambling and poker platform and to crack down on frauds and scams, Partypoker, the world’s second-largest online poker brand has closed about 48 fraudulent accounts in August.
The company officials confirmed that in a cleanup drive, 48 registered accounts which were found to be fraudulent in nature have been identified and deleted. The company also said that they have recovered funds to the tune of $180,000.

36 of 48 accounts that were closed were registered on the PartyPoker’s platform, and the remaining were registered with

According to the latest update and including the August figures, a total of 649 accounts have been closed since the company started cleaning the system of fraudulent accounts back in December 2018. Partypoker has said that they have managed to recover and seize over 1.1 million since they started closing these fraudulent accounts.

Online gambling sites, if not cleaned of these fraudulent accounts could become a trouble for other gamblers.

Recently, a blockchain-based online gambling platform EOSPlay’s security was compromised and a hacker made away with about $100,000 worth Eos tokens.

The hacker first made a deposit of 300 EOS tokens (approx. $1,100) and used it to open multiple transaction channels. With several channels the congested the network which in turn effectively limited the network bandwidth. It was during this short period when the hacker managed to duplicate several times without being noticed.

EOSPlay is also amongst the world’s leading blockchain-based crypto gaming platform with a daily volume of over $314,000.

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