Crown Casino Workers Threaten To Strike If Demands Not Met

Crown Casino Workers Threaten To Strike If Demands Not Met

The ongoing negotiations between the workers at the Crown Casino and its employees don’t seem to be working well. The workers at the crown casino have warned that they would cease to work if their demands are not met.

United Voice, a labor union representing the Crown casino workers has said that the workers are now left with no choice but to cease work as the negotiation talks are not going anywhere.

Reportedly, the workers union could ask employees to go on strike for 24 hours and not serve alcoholic beverages and to demonstrate their dissent by wearing union badges.

The workers union is demanding a 5% wage increase on an annual basis for its 5000 employees through the new three-year enterprise agreement.

While the casino management did offer a 2.5 percent annual increase, the workers union rejected the offer. Currently, there are 7,400 workers at the Crown Casino.

On the other hand in New Zealand, Skycity Casino workers continued their strike for the second and consecutive weekend. The casino workers are demanding better pay rates for weekend and night allowance.

While the casino and the union have been negotiating, Unite union’s national secretary, Gerard Hehir, said that no progress has been made in terms of negotiations with the SkyCity casino.

Skycity officials have said that they have offered a 6 to 25 percent increase in wages over the next two years.

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