Lawmaker In Wisconsin Wants Sports Betting Legalized

Lawmaker In Wisconsin Wants Sports Betting Legalized

Several US states have legalized and launched sports betting operations since the US Supreme Court allowed the States to regulate sports gambling activities last year.

While sports betting enthusiasts in Wisconsin can hop over to neighboring states to wager on their favorite sporting events, a lawmaker in the state is advocating for legalizing sports betting in Wisconsin.

Tyler Vorpagel of Plymouth has been vocal about his ideas about legalizing sports gambling and has said that people in Wisconsin should be allowed to wager on sporting events at casinos or even online, even if it means amending the state’s constitution.

Wisconsin had legalized lottery in a similar fashion as proposed by Vorpagel thirty years ago.

“I’ve always been a fan of sports, always been a fan of NCAA brackets and fantasy football,” Vorpagel said.
The lawmaker also said that the state is losing a lot of tax dollars by not legalizing sports gambling. He pointed out at the illegal sports gambling taking place in the black market.

“It may surprise you, there’s a lot of this going on illegally on the black market,” he said.

Recently, Iowa became the 11th US state to launch sports betting operations. Sports betting was launched in Iowa on August 15. Following Iowa, Indiana too launched sports gambling starting this month.

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