Massage Therapist At Wynn Resorts Files Lawsuit Against Former CEO, Alleges Mental Abuse

Massage Therapist At Wynn Resorts File Lawsuit Against Former CEO, Alleges Mental Abuse

A massage therapist at Wynn Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against former Wynn Resorts Ceo, Steve Wynn alleging mental abuse by creating a hostile environment where women were discouraged to protest or complain against sexual harassment they would face.

The lawsuit also alleges former Wynn Las Vegas President Maurice Wooden to be complicit with its former CEO Steve Wynn.

As reported by, the cornerstone of Schrader’s complaint is that ‘Wynn Resorts acted in secrecy to obfuscate the founder’s mistreatment of women and that was done intentionally with the objective of misleading gaming regulators and dissuading female staffers from speaking up.’

“These efforts at secrecy made it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for gaming regulators, government officials, Defendants supervisors, managers, and human resources personnel to detect sexual misconduct and to prevent said misconduct,” according to the suit.

“These efforts at secrecy also created an environment sexually hostile to females that made them feel powerless, without a voice, and incapable of complaining to management, administrative bodies or seeking employment elsewhere in Nevada.”

Earlier in May, Wynn Resorts paid $35 million in fine to Massachusetts Gaming Commission for shielding and downplaying multiple allegations of sexual harassment against its former CEO Steve Wynn.

The company also paid 500,000 fine slapped on its current CEO Matthew Maddox, for being complicit in hiding the allegations from the gaming authorities during the investigations.

Prior to that, Wynn Resorts was also fined $20 million by Nevada Gaming Commission for alleged sexual misconduct and hiding the complaints against its former CEO Steve Wynn.

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