GREF Says No To Imposing Measures Against Loot Boxes

GREF Says No To Imposing Measures Against Loot Boxes

Gaming Regulators’ European Forum (GREF), in its report on Loot boxes, has refrained from introducing any specific measures. The members of the European gambling regulatory body concluded their year-long study into gambling-like microtransactions in video games.

The study was undertaken by gambling regulators of 19 countries including Malta, The Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France.

The findings have been published by the French regulator Arjel on Wednesday.

In its report, the GREF members have made it clear that they are not convinced there should be specific measures introduced focusing on loot boxes.

“It is recognized that whether these activities ultimately trigger the implementation of gambling regulation, would depend on each national gambling definition,” the report said.

“[GREF members] highlight the need for involvement of national authorities responsible for consumer protection, health, education as well as digital and financial regulation,” the report added. “Consumer protection associations are encouraged to make recommendations in this direction: for example, the communication before the purchase of the loot-box content and the probabilities of obtaining a particular virtual item.”

Recently, UK parliamentarians called for banning loot boxes and all video games featuring such reward mechanisms. The British MPs have urged for a complete ban on all such games which are accessible by children.

Demanding that loot boxes be regulated under the Gambling Act the UK lawmakers have said that loot boxes are a game of chance and are nothing but gambling.

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