In Two Weeks, Malaysian Police Arrests 247 Members Of A Chinese Gambling Syndicate

In Two Weeks, Malaysian Police Arrests 247 Members Of A Chinese Gambling Syndicate

In its latest series of crackdown on illegal gambling in the country, the Malaysian police have arrested 247 people in the past two weeks.

The police officials said that since September 25, 247 arrests have been made – all suspects connected to China-facing online gambling operations. According to the reports, the illegal gambling operatives grossed about RM24.8 (Β£4.8m/€5.4m/$5.9m) per month. The police have seized cash and assets worth RM 3.12bn.

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said: β€œThe actions of the syndicate from China to carry out their activities in Kuala Lumpur are to prevent Chinese authorities from tracking down their activities.”

“But based on public information and police intelligence, we were able to track their position despite operating from a luxury condominium equipped with a strict security system.”

He also said that the illegal gambling websites were marketed through wechat which is also the most popular messaging app in China.

Gambling is illegal in Malaysia, however, illegal online gambling is rampant with several online gambling rings catering to Chinese and local customers.

Earlier in August, Malaysian police have arrested 100 Chinese nationals for being associated with an illegal online gambling ring. It was estimated that the syndicate was making U.S. $17,244 a day in profits.

The syndicate used to target victims in China and all transactions, payments were made through WeChat Pay as well as Chinese banks. The number of victims was estimated to be over 1,000 people.

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