UK Gambling Commission Calls For Removal Of Online Slots Bonus Feature Buy Option

UK Gambling Commission Calls For Removal Of Online Slots Bonus Feature Buy Option

The UK Gambling Commission has called for banning the slot games which feature cartoon-like characters and theme. The gambling regulator is also planning to issue directives to its licensees for making changes to online slot machines.

The gambling regulator has decided to ban the “feature buy” option many slot machines offer. The buy option features a way for players to be able to buy a bonus feature instead of simply playing the base game until they trigger it in the normal way.

At times with such slot machines, the cost of buying a bonus game can be 100 times (or even higher) than the base game stake, which also increases the risk for players. As such, the UKGC has decided against the feature and asked its licensed operators to remove it.

Last week, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) issued strict reminders to all licensed gambling and betting operators and asked them to make sure that consumers are not unnecessarily disadvantaged if the company decides to leave the market voluntarily or involuntarily.

In its statement, the gambling regulator said that “one of the principles of our regulation is that gambling should be fair and open.”

“We expect license holders to: conduct their business with integrity; maintain adequate financial resources and have due regard to the interests of consumers and treat them fairly,” it added.

A recent report from the Gambling Commission reveals that annually about 250-650 people commit suicide due to gambling-related issues. The Gambling Commission also found that the British gamblers spend about £14.5bn on various gambling products each year.

According to the figures released by UKGC, gamblers in the UK spent about $18 billion gambling in the past 12 months between October 2017and September 2018.

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